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Có những bài báo2 được tìm thấy trong thể loại này:
  1. questionexim using GMAIL as smarthost
    Using GMail as smarthost: Note: The following must be put in the appropriate sections of the configuration file, eg, after begin authenticators. Add a router before or instead of the dnslookup router: gmail_route: driver = manualroute transport = gmail_relay route_list = * smtp.gmail.com ...

  2. questionExim with Remote SMTP server
    If you need to send all outbound mail through another smtp server (example, if your ISP blocks your port 25 and you have no other way of sending mail) you can do so by editing your /etc/exim.conf and changing: lookuphost: driver = dnslookup domains = ! +local_domains ignore_target_hosts ...

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